Pompeii Archaeological Park, Italy UNESCO World Heritage

Pompeii is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, excavated for the first time in older layers than that of 79 AD in 1920s by Amedeo Maiuri.

Founded in the 8th century BC, in the 1st century AD Pompeii was a wealthy port town and vacation resort, quite popular among affluent Roman citizens.

In 79 AD, probably on August 24th, a sudden eruption of Mount Vesuvius thrown a gigantic cloud of volcanic gas, ash, and molten rock towards the sky, reaching an eight of miles 26 kilometers. Thereafter, incandescent pyroclastic flows, toxic gas clouds and rain of ash and pumice fell on Pompeii, killing thousands and burying the town under a dense layer of volcanic dust, 6-10 meters thick, yet leaving many buildings largely intact except for the roofs, most of which collapsed…more info on inexhibit.com